2016 European Cup semi-final


Beijing time on July at 07 am 03:00, the European Cup semi-final. After the 48 game of the fighting, the current European Cup currently only four teams were still fighting on the battlefield. Welsh, Portugal, Germany and France to become the final four.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
20167\/7 (Thursday) 03:00 Portugal Welsh
20167\/8 (Friday) 03:00 Germany France

2016欧洲杯半决赛-优德W88官网Portugal VS Welsh

Grips record:

According to the official UEFA, Portugal and Welsh engage in a battle 3, Portugal 2 wins and 1 losses prevail, scoring 7 goals to lose 4 balls. The 3 games were friendlies, 1 times against 2000 recently, 3-0 victory over portugal.

One point: C Luo first European Cup history?

The current European Cup, C Ronaldo in the group phase third scored 2 goals, before spraying into the sweep of the depressed. The two goals to help Portugal to the identity of the third group broke into the top 16. The 1\/8 final against Croatia, although C Lo did not score, but his shot was on only the winner quaresma. 1\/4 finals, Portugal beat Poland in the penalty shootout, C Ronaldo to withstand pressure into the first penalty penalty.

To participate in the four European Cup, C Ronaldo has scored a total of 8 goals, he was the first goal of the European Cup from the first round of Platini only a difference of only 1 balls. The semi-final against Welsh, C Ronaldo will match even breaking Platini's record?

Point two: Baer led the team to create brilliant?

A major part of this game is whether Baer Saltzman goals tied gregory. After the three group phase field, Baer field goal, scored 3 goals, he is also the most popular European Cup top scorer. 1\/8 finals, although Baer did not score, but it is his passing caused by Northern Ireland defender Mccauley oolong, Welsh won the British victory, the round of 8. 1\/4 finals, Baer failed to get a goal.

Previously, Baer has admitted Welsh's goal is to win the European Cup, Belgium across this bridge, Baer's team will usher in a strong enemy in Portugal, the game, Baer also scored top scorer in the study of approximation Gregory position? It is worth mentioning that, Baer and C Luo showdown has become a Real Madrid civil war.

However, in the match against Belgium, Ramsey had a yellow card, so he will be absent and Portugal's semi-final, you know, the current European Cup, Ramsey has sent 4 assists, assists ranked top of the table, his absence has the effect can not be estimated for Welsh. This is because Davies accumulated yellow card suspension, unable to participate in the semi-finals.

Aspect three: Portugal six Lianping finals?


Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Welsh to let the hemisphere wins.