NBA tournament recommended – Miami VS bucks

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In January 20, 2016 08:30Heat VS bucksThe two sides are expected starting:Miami Heat:Johnson, Wade, Deng, Bosh, and Whiteside;The Bucks:Makawe, Middleton, Parke, Monroe, adetokunbo.

Youter western sports: Miami chupan let 5.5 points.

NBA regular season Miami Heat team against the Milwaukee bucks in the home court. The Bucks have improved in the near term, with a 2 straight win after the defeat of the Hornets, currently ranked east of the top thirteenth. Miami recent momentum is good, but the last team defeat to the thunder team, currently ranked fifth in the east. The game is also the first time the two teams clash.

The heat in the face of Western Road losing, finally in 16 the last moment away win over Denver, ushered in a victory, to ease the recent downturn of the state and the morale of the team. The team recently suffered injuries, de Rakic's return leg undecided, lead team offensive rhythm disorder, who can only rely on the inside of the Bosh charge into the enemy ranks. Since Whiteside's return, Miami to construct the defensive intensity inside, he and Bosh formed the frontcourt well with Monroe such a big star to compete.

Bucks poor performance this season, but the last two teams winning streak teams, such as Middleton, and others also have a good play. This season, the Bucks defense poor, averaging points to reach 103 points, of which the inside center Monroe while attacking, defensive end but a lot of loopholes, one of the few teams is the weakest team rebounding alliance. At present, eighth bucks behind the Celtics in the field of the 5 games, playoff playoff hopes.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game is recommended to make 5.5 points wins the heat.