How to rescue DNS?


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The normal operation of the computer, the network environment is normal, but the game is not normal or deposit, this may be your DNS is not properly connected to the web site, Xiao Bian will introduce the relevant content of DNS.

DNS what is it?

DNS is the abbreviation of the computer domain name system (Domain Name System or Domain Name), which is composed of domain name resolver and domain name server (Service). The domain name server is the server that has the domain name and the IP address of all the hosts in the network, and has the function of converting the domain name to IP address.

What is DNS being hijacked?

If you find that the site has been implanted malicious tampering with the user's route DNS code, it will intercept the page, hit the tips! According to the statistics found in the security alliance over ten thousand sites were black, implanted routing DNS hijacking code.

This is the case, the game is right, why can not connect to the web game na? Before you can deposit, why not now? These are DNS hijacked performance, but you do not have to worry about, click on the top download to repair DNS.

How to repair hijacked DNS?

Step 1: click on theFree downloadGoogle browser, for example, the following figure, you will be in the lower left corner, to find the downloaded file. Double click to open the download file.

DNS劫持下载 完成

Step 2: install the software


Step 3: replace the following DNS server code.

[W88] youter preferred DNS server:

[W88] youter alternate DNS server: or


If you want to return to the original DNS, please click on the software to clear the DNS, or uninstall this software, you can return to the original DNS.


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