Youter live entertainment city added “speed betting” function


Hot wire!!!Youter club and club youter excellence hall, the new "speed betting" function! Fast betting and lottery, Li told the profit. Youter helps you win as the eight party, why not act immediately to experience it.

Please click on the top right corner of the game hall极速投注The icon, you can enter a "speed betting" special table. As follows:


Real youter ClubB3 (baccarat table \/ super 98)The betting time is 10 seconds,Table S3 (Tou Bao)The betting time is 10 seconds. As follows:

B3 (baccarat table \/ super 98)

Table S3 (Tou Bao)

Real youter Club - Excellence HallB3 (baccarat table \/ super 98)The betting time is 10 seconds,R2 (roulette table)The betting time is 20 seconds. As follows:


R2 (roulette table)

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