A Christmas Carol – Gold Club (GOS) mobile phone version has been on the line

金梵俱乐部-圣诞颂歌(BS)-优德W88官网Christmas Carol is a 5 axis 25 line 3D slot machine online game. From the game covers: Crazy pattern, will be the arrival of the rotation of victory, the victory of the past has been rotating, the current madness, automatic rotation, etc.. Anytime, anywhere to feel the joy of winning prizes, immediately get double the bonus spin!

Your login account, select the slot machine gold Vatican club, real money into the game.


The top left side of the game menu options, according to your needs to query. (as shown below)


Click: bet, you can choose the price and the number of chips. (as shown below)

Click: Odds table can view payment information. (as shown below)


Bian Bian while playing to explain to everyone, easily winning is not a dream, in which the double bonus Oh ~ (pictured below)


Please take out your mobile phone and try your luck.

For more details, please contact online customer service, we will serve you 24 hours!