Double 11 crazy traffic broadcastingThe activity is over, thank you!


"1111" is not alone, youter gives you more warm! Singles Day double end, running to W88 Five00M mobile phone traffic youter berserk! Quota is limited, the first preemptive! Youter to double "11" about, we Be There Or Be Square!

Rules and provisions:

1 activity time:November 2016 0Seven, 00:00:00toNovember 13th 23:Five9:Five9 (Beijing time).
4 during the event, only continuous betting on the reality of western sports club, youter and Seven slot machine club, the daily water meets the following requirements to obtain corresponding traffic envelopes:
Package code Betting days Daily running water Betting platform Cell phone traffic
A Seven More than Five0 Youter reality club, sports Five00M
B Seven More than 100 Seven个老虎机俱乐部 Five00M
C Five More than Five0 Youter reality club, sports 300M
D Five More than 100 Seven个老虎机俱乐部 300M


Five.符合要求的会员需于活动期间发送邮件toProtected]; [email&#160** \/申请,逾期作废.
标题注明:双十一免费Cell phone traffic
内容:您的优德用户名,Package code以及获取流量的手机号码.
6.优惠结束后的2个工作日内,Cell phone traffic将直接充值于符合要求的会员所提供的手机号码中,届时请您留意查看.