Kinde club QT platform shock struck!


Kinde club QT platform shock struck! Gorgeous screen, high bonuses, enjoy endless wealth. Cool new game platform, fast loading speed, full Chinese game, immediately log on to experience it, you deserve!


The sense of the game screen allows you to find a new way, the platform's game screen design style is unique, highly recognizable, Xiaobian for you to promote a game that he likes to play, but also a small series of favorite slot machine type.

The skeleton explosion is the five axis game of a classic, cool picture. Xiao Bian this game, for example, take you to understand the platform design. The function of the game is very interesting, unique style.


Single note: you can choose the amount of your bet; bet = note * betting line number; automatic game: select automatic


Why small love this game in addition to high interest, and doubled, as shown below, if the same pattern of payment in the same line, color skeleton will explode, explode continuously will get more doubled.


Only a small game, more fun game, you can immediately login experience!

More details of the game are welcome to consult 7\/24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!