Super Lotto three Raiders power gains never win


Super Lotto prize bonus to new and additional bets, have attracted many people's eyes. The lottery game in the Grand Prix, but also ignite the enthusiasm of people. However, although the bonus was more reliable and attractive, how to bet? Follow Xiaobian a look at three Raiders Super Lotto ""!

Raiders one: determine the number range is more important than the election number

Many people think, Super Lotto winning luck, in fact, the rational use of betting and selection techniques is to increase the probability of winning.


With the increase of the number of Super Lotto lottery, the law of historical data have gradually emerged. Analysis of the number of trends is the key, the current mainstream is the broken zone law, which is the 7 District and the 5 column is the most common, the former district number is divided into 7 large areas. According to statistics, each issue will appear 1 ~ 3 fault zone, the player can according to own selection experience out off area, so that it can be "35 5" into "30 5", "25 5" or "20 5", greatly narrowing the selection range. Finally, combined with the heavy vibration number, even number, with the tail number of the selected number, to further improve the winning rate.


Sometimes, it is more important to determine the number of selected range than the number of options, the scope of the right, in a specific range of the election, it will not be so complicated.


Strategy two: choose your own bet

There are a lot of lottery number level measurement is not general, can often catch the two or three area before the number, but also often missed winning. For this lottery, we suggest they try Dantuo betting method. The number of fixed bravery and drag code is mainly based on individual economic level and, depending on the level of measurement. Ordinary investors in 2, 3 Danma fixed number of the most economical, less will increase the amount of bets, much will reduce the bonus color. The zone number should not be more general in 3 is the best number. The amount of investment in this method is not small, killing the number of less painful, it is worth a try.


Of course, not every player has the ability to see Danma, some lottery Danma often wrong, but there is no vice code much confidence has repeatedly hit, for such a lottery, do not try to prevent "cold" double selection. According to the status of individual funds to determine their own number of the number of double election, it will be divided equally, half of the cold, half of the heat, and then you can choose several temperature. Some people, such perseverance is better, for keep number betting lottery, hold a group number does not relax, perhaps more than the election to more effectively.


Raiders three: do not stingy more than 1 yuan"

In the Super Lotto, do not underestimate the role of "1 yuan". An additional bet is the unique Super Lotto bet is simply based on 2 basic betting on the lottery, plus 1 dollars additional bet, earnings will likely increase 60%. This additional bets effectively enhance the bonus color bet has so many lottery winners feel the great power. Usually develop at 3 yuan note lottery habit, feel good when the appropriate time to vote, is the important magic weapon of millions of lottery bonuses too.


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