Italy Cup – Naples VS international Milan

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In January 20, 2016 03:34Naples VS international MilanThe two sides are expected starting:Naples:Reina, Albiol, Coulibaly, Xi Zaire, Ghulam, Alan, Hamm Hick, Gonzalo Higuain, Motengsi, Jorginho, Yin xinie;International Milan:Handanovic, Dan Brosio, Miranda, Hatomo Yuto, Medel, Murillo, Melo, Shakespeare, Biabiany, I Karl Di hole, Perisic.

Youter western sports: Naples chupan let 0.5-1 ball.
Beijing time 20 days at 3:45 in the morning, the Italy cup 1\/4 finals focus of a battle started, Naples sits against the Milan international home court. This is a war, Gonzalo Higuain icardi the two past 2 serie a season best striker in the gun war, is also among the strongest team defensive attack in Serie A and the best team in the match.

Naples's recent offensive football team Shirupozhu, hurricane swept the earth. Naples recently 5 games of victory of the state, and in 5 games scored a total of 16 goals, 3 goals per game attack across the Apennines, perhaps now state only can compete against them is the rapid rebound of juventus. Striker Gonzalo Higuain has played a role as a booster in the team's recent strength, and's success in Naples seems to be a benchmark for any player in Naples. Currently ranked first in the standings, whether they are in the league or cup have full confidence.

Relative to the scenery of Naples, the recent performance of Inter is the stars dim. The team's performance this season is pretty good, at least compared with the previous has been greatly improved. Sassolo is one of the two teams can test the benchmark, inter home court defeat by Sassolo 1 to 0, while in Naples the home court, 3 of them more than 1 smooth and clean kill the opponent, it absolutely can show the gap between the two teams. The last round of inter away game against Atlanta, the team's performance is very bad, if not goalkeeper Handanovic's excellent play, they can take away a point away from the unknown.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 0.5-1 win Naples.