Easy to get w88.com sports handicap of three elements


Understanding of sports to master the three elements of Hexin, disc type, water level and temperature, three factors give you a simple and clear guidance, avoid all detours.

The disc is handicap, disc guide is the handicap of the size is not suitable.

The handicap is divided into a tie plate, flat plate, hemisphere disc, half a plate, toW88On the return tray for.

A ball, a ball ball half plate, ball half plate, the ball half ball, two ball or two ball above handicap, above belong to the deep dish. But this is different people have different views of the view! Some people put a plate into a deep dish.

The water level is negative for water, can let us know the size of the footwall to compensate the negative.

Water level is divided into low water and low water, water, high water and high water, of course, there is the super low water and high water, even super low water and super high water, it is divided into: less than 1.75 for ultra low water, 1.76, 1.84 for low water, 1.85, 1.89 for low water, 1.90, 1.92 for water, 1.93, 1.99 for high water, 2.00 - 2.06 for high water, more than 2.06 for ultra high water.

Cold heat is the relationship between the water level of the water level.

Under normal circumstances, hot, it is not easy to out, cold, but easy to out. Hot die is the truth, of course, is not necessarily a hot die, this and see the handicap and level of rationality. Also requires a lot of practice to use, master the secret of the middle.