NBA games recommended – nets VS Spurs

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January 12, 2016 08:30The VS SpursThe two sides are expected starting:Basket net:Larkin, Bogdanovic, Joe - Johnson, Yang, Lopez;Spurs:Parke, Green, Leonard, Aldridge, and Duncan.

Youter western sports: 14 points for the Spurs ".

The battle with 14 points by the pistons played in 4 games and the team all ended in defeat, and averaging 11.5 defensive points due to the array of more than Its loopholes appeared one after another., first-class players leave, this season has become the nets hundred-percent Yunan troops, this battle ushered in the traditional tyrannical home court in San Antonio, the nets will probably escape lost fate. The recent Yuezhanyueyong, after the battle over Nicks, the team scored 7 league wins and a nearly 10 win foot 9 games morale is filled, the visit of Broolyn, the Spurs win no difficulty at all.

The nets announced today the official boss Hollins and general manager Billy king also coached by assistant coach class, temporarily. The nets has made only 10 wins 27 of the negative record of the eastern fourteenth, but the team picks in the next few years have been trading, internal management. The team did not establish a real master, Joe - Johnson serious decline in the season, shooting and three points hit below the rate of 40%, while his big contract until next summer to expire. The whole team is like a quagmire, players have no fight, now consecutive defeat.

Spurs state is good, played a wave of 7 wins, the current record of 32 wins and 6 losses, the League after the warriors. In 7 games, the Spurs 6 games and averaging 20.3 points before the margin of victory, until I met the challenge to play, with 1 points against Nicks. Visible in about half of season, the Spurs have reached a very good state, A De and Leonard formed a new card portfolio, while GDP can still play a key role in old but vigorous, in some games.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Spurs to 14 points wins recommended.