NBA – VS thunder Toronto event


The March 29, 2016 07:30 is expected to debut: Toronto: Lori, Deluozan, Johnson, Scola, Jonas, Weiss Brook, Mr Varin; thunder, Robertson, Durant, Adams, yibaka

Youter western sports chupan: Thunder -3.

The thunder has been impossible to catch the Spurs, and want to catch up with the clippers, is not easy. 7 straight away the current record of 51 wins and 22 losses, leading the Clippers 5.5 wins. In the regular season There is not much left. situation, if not too accident, the thunder will be basic to the west of the third identity, reached the playoffs. The two teams this season regular season second games this season, the thunder was in the home court against the Raptors, the momentum is fierce battles at the opponent, the thunder is expected to regain a city at.

The Raptors battle in away victory Pelican team out defeats in the doldrums, the morale of the team was inspired by facing the extremely incomplete pelicans, raptors played quite easily, the team squad in a total of 7 players scored in double figures, Peihemoqi offensive team, the hit rate is over 5, the public will rebounding protection consciousness is also high, the team finally win the game against the home court, the strength of strong thunder, the Raptors more will take battle this heavy attack heavily guarded team to play against the enemy.

The thunder in the 7 game winning streak, and averaging double points, the team is very good, in this wave of game, the thunder game can capture 117 points, its firepower is self-evident, and the team lost only 100 points, the team defensive performance is worthy of recognition, the thunder without any injuries by the team in front of the many available soldiers, and the core players are hot, the team offensive and defensive reassuring, who can maintain a recent level of thunder win hope or not.

Recommended thunder to win 3 points.