[W88] Italy eudem 2015-2016 Football League twenty-seventh round race


Beijing time on Sunday, February 28th (01:00), is about to usher in the twenty-seventh round of the 2015-2016 Italy football league matches, the following small series on ahead of schedule with you to preview the event.

Match date time Home team Visiting team
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 01:00 Empoli Rome
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 03:45 AC Milan Turin
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 19:30 Palermo Bologna
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 22:00 Carle leather Atlanta
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 22:00 Verona Genoa
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 22:00 sampdoria Flohr Siino Hei
2016\/2\/28 (Sunday) 22:00 Udine J Verona
2016\/2\/29 (Monday) 03:45 Juventus International Milan
2016\/3\/1 (Tuesday) 02:00 Lazio Sassuolo
2016\/3\/1 (Tuesday) 04:00 Florence Naples

AC MilanVSTurin

北京time28日凌晨3时45分,意甲第27轮一场焦点战,AC Milan坐镇主场迎战Turin队。这是本赛季米兰所剩无几的迫近三甲集团的良机,若红黑军再无法把握,那么跻身下赛季欧冠的机会将变得更加渺茫。

争三最后一搏:近期米兰战绩不错,双线近十战6胜4平保持不败,其中5个主场更是取得4胜1平的优异战绩。也正因此,红黑军上下喊出了“为争三奋斗到最后”的口号。然而形势仍然是严峻的,米兰目前44分,距离第三名Florence差距8分,距离第五名的International Milan仍有4分差距。赛季进入尾声阶段,最后12轮追8分并不容易。本轮就是不错的机会,Florence遭遇Naples,International Milan遭遇尤文(官网数据) 图斯,如果米兰能先拿到3分(注:米兰的比赛是当地time周六开打,国米尤文、Florence的比赛是次日),那么红黑军就将给争三对手带去巨大压力,从而有机会坐收渔利)。

The backbone of the war, midfielder absent: Milan captain Montolivo will because of accumulated yellow card suspension. Montali Woburn season the successful transition from a "literary Mongolia" into the midfield meat beast. In Serie A this season, averaging 2 steals, Montolivo averaged intercept the ball 4 times, averaging a total of 6 times to get the ball back right, this data is ranked second in the team, after 6.2 times Abate even Kurtz card (4.6) than any. Sky, Montolivo absent, will have certain impact to the balance system of Milan 442, Mikhailovich is able to deal with this problem?

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 0.5-1 win Milan.