World Cup South American qualifiers – Argentina VS Bolivia

世界杯南美洲预选赛-Bolivia VS Argentina-优德W88官网

March 30, 2016 07:30Bolivia VS ArgentinaThe two sides are expected to start:Argentina:Romero, Mercado, Banega, Murray, however, Rojo, Crane Witt, Messi, Aguero, biglia, Di Maria;Bolivia:Quilon Ness, Saavedra, Morales, Chu eguino, zenteno, Marcelo, Bei jarrah Connaught, Cardozo, Lizio, Arce, ramallo.

Youter western sports: Argentina chupan ball -3.

History of the two teams clash 35 times, Argentina 24 wins 6 flat 5 negative results, scoring 93 goals to lose 32 balls, the World Cup clash 18 times, Argentina 11 wins 4 flat 3 negative results. Argentina nearly 3 times world qualifier against the Bolivia did not win, made only 2 flat 1 negative results, the last win was in November 17, 2007, Argentina home court 3 0 win. But the Argentina World Cup qualifier against Bolivia unbeaten home court 9 times, made 8 wins 1 flat achievements.

World Cup fifth round, Argentina with Di Maria and Mercado's goal away 2-1 beat Chile, reported last year America Cup final lost of revenge, but the 5 round only 8 points ranked fifth in the situation is still not ideal. This week, Argentina ushered in the opportunity of winning the underdog against Bolivia, home court, last September and June, Argentina in the warm-up match in succession to 7-0 and the score of 5-0 and the Bolivia bloodbath, alive preliminaries in history, Argentina 11 wins 3 flat 4 negative record in the home court advantage, 9 halo 8 wins, 1 unbeaten. Researchers, led by Messi, the star array can continue to play, coach Martino led the team to get 3 points should be logical.

Bolivia only in the third round of the home 4-2 defeat Venezuela, the other 4 War defeat, the last round of home 2-3 lost to Columbia. This week, Bolivia will face more severe challenges, Buenos Aires and Argentina. Alive preliminaries in history, the best performance of Bolivia at Argentina in 2011, when a striker Moreno scored a 1-1 draw with Tango legion. Staff, coach Baldi Treviso round formation changed from 5-3-2 to 4-4-2, this is expected to continue to use 4-4-2 tactics, and striker Arce recovered complement the attack line obviously, he can give Argentina defence some trouble with ramallo, Marcelo Chu et al.

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