NBA games recommended – clippers VS rocket

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January 19, 2016The Clippers VS rocketThe two sides are expected starting:Rocket:Terry, Ariza, Cappella, Howard, james;Clippers:Paul, Reddick, Pearce, Aldridge, moute.

Youter western sports: 5.5 points for the Clippers ".

The Rockets (22 - 20) win back feeling on the road, they will continue to challenge the 19 day visit the Clippers (26 - 14). Harden and Howard will continue to play a leadership role to the team, Ariza et al to board magic portfolio helps to maintain a strong shock, the Rockets 2 game winning streak. The Clippers' 10 game winning streak was ended, Griffin continued absence, Paul led the team to use a comprehensive performance, hoping to return to the home court winning the clippers.

The Clippers in the last game before the king has lost the 10 game winning streak, record 26 wins and 14 losses ranked fourth in the west. Griffin has been sidelined for more than a couple of games because of a torn muscle in his leg, and that will continue for a while, and another insider, general Jordan, will not go to war because of pneumonia. Because of the injury appeared in the array, the veteran Pearce has recently been the first battle, although the impact is not as good as before, but by virtue of his winning ability stable play as well as the critical moment has become the team in front of a deadly weapon.

In the away game with the Lakers, the Rockets win the game, the magic board played a leading role. Harden scored 31 points and 5 assists in the game, Howard scored 14 points and 15 rebounds, they led the team to play in the third quarter to establish the advantages of the offensive climax. Regain the feeling of winning, the Rockets to stay strong on the road, they have to work hard to hit 2. To win on the road, they have to do a better job on defense, the team must have a more defensive performance. Beverly can not be determined comeback, if Beverly can not play, the Rockets need other people to try to limit Paul. In the attack, Ariza, Breuer, Lawson, et al Thornton to give help to the magic.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Rockets 5.5 points wins the recommendation.