NBA tournament recommended – piston VS Spurs

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In January 13, 2016 08:30Piston VS SpursThe two sides are expected starting:Piston:Jackson, Pope, Maurice, Elijah Wood, Drummond;Spurs:Parke, Danny - Green, Leonard, Aldridge, and Duncan.

Youter western sports: 6.5 points for the Spurs ".

Detroit pistons have a good performance this season, has achieved 21 victories in the eastern side of the negative ranked seventh in the top 16, is a playoff team. The recent state of the team can be, the last 3 games winning streak in the home court remains strong. Drummond scored 23 points and a total of 11 rebounds, while Jackson scored a score of 23 points and assists in the game, with a total of 19 points and a total of 13 rebounds for the team, with a total of points and a total of 8 rebounds. They led the team in the first quarter on the early advantage, they firmly control the initiative of the game. But this game is a real challenge, the opponent is road second in the west of the spurs.

This season, piston progress is obvious, currently carrying three winning streak to return to the top eight. Drummond and Reggie Jackson understanding even more, plus ilyasova and Maurice miles of flowering, the piston strength compared to last season progress. The former team leader Jennings also agreed to take the position of the sixth man, which will undoubtedly enhance the strength of the piston bench. But Jennings comeback soon, fluctuating state, playing against teams from the nets are erected, he and Jackson can coexist will be the uniform group.

San Antonio Spurs this season and the performance of the successful completion of the reconstruction, the team is currently ranked second in the west, Leonard - is ranked MVP. Even back-to-back games in the last game, the Spurs have nearly 30 points killing nets, retains the physical fitness for the next game. Spurs are most worried about is that the team had to break up Danny - Green's hand, the season so far, he can not find stability after changing the shooting position.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game the Spurs to 6.5 points wins recommended.