NBA tournament recommended daily – Knight vs Celtics


In December 16th 08:30Vs Celtic KnightThe two sides are expected to start:Knight:Della Vedova, JR, James, Le Fu, Mozgov.Celts:Thomas, Bradley, Claude, Amir - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -. Friends reunion, this game is definitely worth looking forward to!

The game recommended Knight let 2 points.

Beijing time on December 16th, the knight will face the Celtics on the road, the Garden tomorrow will certainly be a beacon. Early in the big three era, and the knight Lvshan army is the biggest "enemy", the big three Conference finals playoffs and James fight not enumerated, the scores had formed, which is the season for the first time. The game is definitely worth looking forward to.

The Celtics recently even met a strong enemy, and the warriors home court played two overtime loss after a war on the road with the Hornets back-to-back meet, the result by 6 points of the contrarian win. The Celtics have recorded 5 wins and 2 losses in December, and have won all 7 games. The Knight Returns gradually in the main case, competition is expected to be further improved, and against the green army war is not low.
The Celtics had a good season, although the team this season in the reconstruction phase, but the players are very young, in nearly 4 Battle 3 wins and 1 negative results, the team state should be affirmed, the attack is among the best in the eastern part of the youth team, beat the Hornets last game, Isiah Thomas scored 21 points 13 times assists the defensive players Avery - Bradley added 23 points, the team is currently 14 wins and 10 losses seventh in the east.

Not to mention the knight, as the title although they are so horrible in the new season record as warriors, but still ranked first in the East (15 - 7), after the welcome back midfielder Sam Bert, who with great difference of 35 points away stomp magic, made two in a row at the same time, the end of 5 consecutive games lose the embarrassment. And recently another giant team Erwin will complete the comeback (but Blatter said Erwin will not play in tomorrow's game), becoming a complete lineup Knight really started the title road.