Surprise three heavy ceremony, youter September launchThe activity is over, thank you!


Youter September Hao Li big run, surprise three! Sign to send the prize money, win bonus game, instant water return up to 1%. Activity is limited to a week, do not miss yo ~!

Rules and provisions:

Activity time: September 19, 2016 00:00 to 2Three:Five9 (Beijing time) only Gold Pool Club (GPI slot machine) betting effective.

 1 good gift immediately to the highest water 1%
Membership grade Proportion of returning water
Ordinary member + sapphire member 0.40%
Gold member 0.Five0%
platinum member 0.Seven0%
Diamond member 1%

This is the return of water that is playing, click back to the state of water and apply for.
The minimum payout preferential Five yuan, return water without water, can immediately withdraw.
For details, please refer to the "4 slot machine club back to water up to 1%" preferential rules.

2 gifts in send winnings

Daily effective betting amount Number of days bonus Flowing water
Five000+ Three Twenty-eight Three倍
10000+ Five One hundred and eighty-eight
Three0000+ Seven 1One hundred and eighty-eight

活动期间内,在金池GPI老虎机俱乐部任意老虎机游戏,至少连续Three天最低投注额达到Five000元,即可获得Twenty-eight元bonus,完成Three倍Flowing water后即可提款。bonus最高1One hundred and eighty-eight元,立即参加吧!

Application: after reaching the above requirements, send mail toProtected]; [email&#160** \/Apply。
Title: GPI sign to send money
内容:会员用户名,有效电话号码,申请签到Number of days

Three.好礼 玩游戏拿彩金

           福禄娃                甜蜜蜜                蜜花园

                                        幸运女神        经典老虎机

活动期间内,以上五个游戏任选一个达到有效投注1Five0,000元,即可申请1One hundred and eighty-eight元bonus,完成Three倍Flowing water即可提款,每个会员仅可申请一次。

Application: send mail toProtected]; [email&#160** \/Apply。
Title: GPI play games with prizes
内容:会员用户名,有效电话号码,申请签到Number of days

说明:活动2 和Three仅限活动期间内申请,逾期无效。bonus将于活动结束后的2个工作日内派发。