NBA – Pelican VS solar events

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2016 04, 10,, 07:05The sun VSThe two sides are expected to start:Pelican:Osik, Ajinsa, Ennis, Corelle, Douglas;The sun:Chandler, Preiss, Tucker, Lynn, and Booker.

The game youter western sports: sun -1.5 ".

The two teams this season regular season game fourth, the last 3 games in only 1 wins and 2 negative results in two teams, it is worth mentioning that the last time the sun still won the match 16 points, the game is even being optimistic about the sun.

The pelican by just war in the home court with the Lakers, the continuous fighting, physical fitness in the pelican has obviously lost several minutes this season, the pelican suffered injury curse, team headed Anthony Davies and Evans Eric, Tyreke Gordon, Zhu Horadi, Ryan Anderson and Norris Cole all the players are full injuries, of which there are a number of generals was earlier in the season, the per capita presence of pelicans have defeated the sun for the only canzhen attack was unable to defend the honor of the pelican home court.

The sun on the battle at the TOYOTA center southwest division team defeated the other team to get rid of the rocket, lost in the doldrums, encouraged by the morale of the team, the battle is not very good to keep the face of the rocket, the sun makes good use of the opponent to play defensive not offensive game team scored 124 points, from up to 31 times with the sun on the field which assists the opponent due to the lack of understanding, there will be great physical defensive vulnerability, the sun can take on the battle against the Rockets team attack with smooth down opponents, believe that the sun trip win.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game 1.5 points wins the recommended pelican.