England League Cup – Storck city VS Liverpool

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In January 6, 2016 04:00Storck city VS LiverpoolThe two sides are expected starting:Storck city:Rand, Piet J, Wollscheid, Brent shocr Ross, Johnson, Adam, Arnautovic, Whelan, afellay, Sacchi, bojan.Liverpool:Mineo Eli, Klein, Skrtel, Smith, and Nicolas Lucas, James, Coutinho, Phil, Mino, lalana Ibiza

Youter western sports: Liverpool chupan let 0.5 ball.

In the brutal Christmas campaign, the two teams have experienced three fighting, as the Carling Cup semi-final, that will play 12 spirit to deal with. As the city of Storck, whose season is a success, the team in the League coach Mark under the leadership of Hughes although the ranking is not very high, but has technical football more refined, after the sky city mark gradually faded, replaced by a rapid changing play and more flexible qianchangpeihe, and a it is important to note that in the face of strong teams, the team home court can often have a good play, it can be said that they are a strong team for the season and the team, whether it is united or Chelsea not in the Britannia Stadium sub get cheap, the guest of Liverpool is likely to be in a battle.

Storck city stage of preparation for a total of 6 games, the record is 2 wins and 1 draws and 3 losses, the last 0-3 defeat by Oporto, suffered a series of defeats in 3. In five games, sky city achieved 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, including 2 to 0 victory over Manchester United home court and away 4 to 3 win over Everton, strong performance; but in the last round of league game at West Bromwich Albion, Potter in eighty-third minutes on one case the opponents, the score, the final 1 to 2 defeat to swallow.

Liverpool in the last round of League facing the West Ham game, the team in the 65% ball rate, but still by the opponent twice on the defensive door, still many loopholes, currently 8 wins 6 flat 6 negative, accumulate 30 points ranked eighth, in the middle position, this season the team performance is not the best. Nearly five fight, the Red Army achieved 2 wins, 1 draws and 2 losses, 1 than 0 beat home court this season, the outstanding performance of the Leicester City, but they are not the enemy of Waterford road and West ham. In the 11 game of the season away from home, the Reds lost 13 goals, only 4 games without conceding a goal, defensive unsatisfactory. At present the team in front of the Sturidge, Milner, Henderson, Skrtel, Ao Liji, Ince etc. are unable to play because of injury, a lot of influence on the strength of the team.

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