NBA tournament recommendation – Warriors VS Blazers

NBA赛事推荐-Warriors VS pioneers

May 12, 2016 10:30Warriors VS pioneersThe two sides are expected to start:Warrior:Thompson, Bogut, curry, Green, Barnes;Pioneer:Lillard, Maike Le M, Amie, Hakelisi Plumlee, slave.

Youter western sports: Warriors -12.5 ".

In the history of the NBA playoffs, leading 3-1 was eventually reversed only 9 times, according to BPI ESPN data prediction, warriors have a 89% probability of the end of the series in fifth games this season, the warriors regular season home court to get 39 wins 2 of the negative record of tough, only inferior to the Spurs, and the playoffs until now the warriors keep 5 wins 0 of the negative record in the home court, they also should strive ahead of the end of the series, to win more time off curitiba.

The library was finally back in the Western Conference semifinals, although he did not start, and in normal time three to break up the general sense, but his overtime in the outbreak, who scored 17 points in overtime rule, the Braves win away to get the total score 3-1 lead. This means that as long as the home to return to the Champions League to win the first five games, they can lock the Western Conference finals. Curry in the game 9 times before three when the blacksmith, before the three day in 18 to 6, but the game after his 14 throw in 10, scored 40 points in 38 minutes of play.

The Blazers in the series is not no chance, like second guest section fourth is their opponent 34-12 wave of attacks, they can only swallow the bitter pill to be reversed. If this opportunity is taken, they will have a chance to return to Portland. Now the Blazers have cornered, they need to do is to go, for the series back to Portland.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game pioneer 12.5 points wins the recommendation.