France – VS – Bordeaux


04 2016 11 July 03:00 Marseille VS Bordeaux both sides is expected to debut: Marseille: Steven - Fletcher, Kabeli, Shao Weien, mbida, Las Diyala, Mancuero, Mandanda, JJ, rydzyk, rydzyk; Bordeaux: Kerry Waley, Pang di Adam, Egypt, tours, Plasil, Yang, Gilbert, Bailey, Pablo, Kentengtuo biyogo - Bohr, Pryor

The game youter western sports: ball chupan Marseille -0.5.

The past 10 meetings, each get 3 wins 4 flat 3 negative record not compete with, and the last time the two sides battle 1-1 closecall. Although Bordeaux last game defeat rival Monaco, but did not get the data of all ages is very empty, especially a performance disadvantage, Marseille was unbeaten rate is very high, the heavily favored is expected to add one.

Marseille currently accumulates 39 points ranked thirteenth, their UEFA Champions League qualification next season and has been lopsided. It is worth mentioning that the away team scores can be ranked fourth, but the home court record is in a complete mess, 16 French home court event only accumulates 15 points last second league.

Bordeaux is currently ranked 42 place in the top twelfth, in the absence of desire and no position. It is worth mentioning that, having plagued Bordeaux, their season in the first 16 League away among a total also only won 3 games, but the team's recent 3 guest appearances lost 2 games.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Marseille let 0.5 ball wins.