NBA tournament – Warriors VS Knight

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In December 26, 2015 06:00Warrior VS KnightThe two sides are expected starting:The Cavaliers:Irwin, Smith, Lebron, Loew, Mozgov.Warriors:Curry, Thompson, rush, Green, boggarts. Warriors and knights is a leader in the East, they will repeat last season in the Christmas War in the finals, please look forward to tomorrow morning saikuang!

The game youter western sports: 7 points for the warriors ".

To continue the excellent play season strong Warriors team this season, Thompson curry, and Green led the team to win, they will hit 14 straight home court. The Cavaliers in Irwin's comeback, Lebron and Loew are in good form, he should strive to restore the health of the warriors on the Cavaliers to defeat the enemy at the finals.

The warriors state needless to say, this season played the best record, 24 straight start, after a win over the Jazz again won 3 straight, state fiery, 27 wins and only 1 in the league. But for some injury problems, Barnes is still injured, the game basically decided on an absent, and Bogut is firing back. Remove splash brothers and Green eye-catching performance, such as Barbosa, Livingston and other teams to substitute the eye-catching performance is the key. Although the warriors ball tactics lead the league, but inside the barrier function team center Andrew Bogut also can not be neglected, and the AI Jersey this season performance is also good, this is the team for the game against the Cavaliers inside the capital, the warriors of the season on both ends to lead the league title this season, is the most popular.

Cleveland recently state well, a home court in Nicks's 6 game winning streak, 19 wins and 7 losses ranked first in the east. Erwin shumpert full comeback, Knight complete team, morale. The game team defender Mo - Williams also returned to the team, the team for the first time this season full health. Recently, the team leader James are in good form, Loew is also doing well, and as such as Jefferson etc. reinforcements to join the Cavaliers, far exceeding the final period of actual strength. This season, the Cavaliers defensive efficiency is extremely high, averaging only points more than the Spurs and Miami, but the team's starting point guard Erwin state is still in doubt, this field may not be able to play the biggest role.