NBA tournament recommended daily – Spurs VS Lakers

NBA赛事推荐-马刺 VS 湖人

In December 12th, 10:30 NBA, VS spurs the Lakers, the two sides are expected starting:LakersClarkson, Williams, Kobe, Nancy, Hibbert.The Spurs:Parke, Green, Aldridge, Duncan, leonard. Kobe will play in the career of a rival.

The Lakers recommend 14.5 wins.


The game against the Raptors, the end of the 4 game winning streak. The game, the Spurs three points hit as low as 26.9% (26 in the 7), plus the addition of the 17 turnovers, the team was almost all opponents suppressed. This horse team let them have thorn 57.8% shooting them in the game, never lead in this defeat before they have never let the opponent hit rate of more than 48.8%. The team only Ginobili was normal, but for the Spurs, it does not have much impact, the Spurs still with 18 wins and 5 best record in the Western Conference second.

The game against Wolves, were the 4 game losing streak. This game for the show Bangyan Russell, has a different meaning, because he had a season high 23 points, his performance has also made a strong impression on Kobe. In Russell and Randall's lead, the Lakers shot hit 49.5% free throws and rebounds, is the advantage of one party, the final winner attempted can only be said to be due to some luck. It is worth mentioning that, during the 4 game losing streak, not offensive force to improve the weak situation. Although lost, but the team still show a gratifying side, Randall and Russell from the bench with strong performance, Randall 20+10 with two pairs of Russell, also get a career high 23 points, but also the highest score of the team after the game, confidence will also have the very big promotion, for the occupation career is great wealth.