Super three play and rules introduced (New)


Youter Club - the new "super excellence Hall three games, original new game concept, win bonuses!

Real entertainment city] close interaction, stimulating experience, fun to the poor, in the three!

Youter reality club this update, the new[super three games]. Based on the traditional rules of the game in the game, play more rich!

Super three in the original three rules, by the three idle home with the size of the banker, the same as the same baccarat with a single way of comparison. Also increased the licensing speed, save the game time, there is no change in the special betting. As follows:


Please visit the official website, select[club] youter excellence Hall. As follows:


请您根据自身需求,选择投注限额进入游戏房间. As follows:


In the special payment or continuation of the original three rules, as follows:

Three is a deck of cards, all K, Q, J (called the board) and 10 by 0 point calculation (10 do not calculate the board), the dealer or leisure game player betting, winning depends on the makers of three cards and three cards free surface points comparison.

Three not accept the Commission, voted to win lose win prize 1 class 1; in addition to the following example 2. 1 pay (that is, pumping 50%, 1 \/ 0.5)

Betting idle, idle at any combination of 6 points win

Bet "Zhuang", 6 points to win any combination of Zhuang

For example: double male 6, 6 single, 6 Card

Betting winning and the return of principal agency

And the Bureau of the note 1 loss of three public compensation of 1 yuan, 18.

Three than the size, the number of points than the first, and then more than public cards, such as: the village is the same with the 9 points, double the public more than a single public of the 9, three games regardless of the size of the color of the game (9)


"Idle homeAbove the license plate"and"庄家Above the license plate"Odds and rules are as follows:


Card type and size (from large to small)

1 three J, Q, K three general

2 double male 9 J, Q, K two general +9 point

3.单公9点    J,Q,K 任意一张+余下两张点数之and=9点

4.散牌9点    三张牌点数之and=9点,J,Q,K 除外

5 double male 8 J, Q, K two general +8 point

6.单公8点     J,Q,K 任意一张+余下两张点数之and=8点

7.散牌8点     三张牌点数之and=8点,J,Q,K 除外

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