Real time water return – Application Strategy

即时返水-优德W88官网Youter W88 seven slot machines, live entertainment city and happy color has launched the instant water return function! Login speed to experience it immediately.

How to get back to the water application page?

You can log in youter W88 account, click on the upper right corner of the page to display your username position (see below), click on the pop-up window[water] \/ relief fundSelect the period you want to apply for, and choose your club.


Youter W88 cash back to the water in the percentage of your immediate reality Entertainment City, seven slot machine and happy color game total turnover to return the money on, you only need to click:[immediate application]That is, to play, no need to wait. (as shown below)


After 30 minutes of your game, you can update the immediate return of water, apply for immediate return water. The minimum amount of water back to 5 yuan, the highest no limit. Immediate return to water only when the week, if you forget to click to apply for water last week, you can contact the online customer service application (only last week).

You only need to click on the application behind the game product[immediate application]The return water meter will show the details of your application. If you apply for a problem please contact 7 days 24 hours online customer service.


Your click[claim]After you return the amount of water immediately added to your center wallet, the return page will also be updated. (as shown below)

product      Total effective betting    Water return ratio返水添加成功-优德W88官网Back to the water: you can click on the bottom left of the page[application for weekly return]Or sports back below the water.[claim],进入后选择您要申请的product,然后点击[confirmation]进行提交。东方体育、西方体育返水在每周一下午六点派发,其他product均为[instant water return]. (as shown below)




Submit a successful reminder: (pictured below)


For more details, please contact us for 24 hours online customer service, we will be happy to serve you.