NBA tournament recommended – Thunder VS bucks


In December 30, 2015 09:00 NBA regular season all star striker Kevin Durant led the Oklahoma City thunder in the home court against Milwaukee bucks. This is the two teams this season regular season game for the first time, the thunder in recent seasons against the Bucks wins more negative, the team trailing completely dominant, the thunder absolute worthy pursuit home court battle.

Youter western sports: 14 points for the thunder ".

The thunder before December 14 games 10 wins and 4 losses, winning percentage as high as 71.4%, and they are also with 21 wins and 10 losses record secured third place in the west, the state of the team is quite good, the thunder has achieved 21 wins and 10 negative results, and the home court result is as high as 14 - 4 8.9 points can be negative, and the margin of victory, the team home court fighting strong this season, the thunder to present their lineup neat, games are credited with 107.9 points, at the same time by up to 8.3 points, the team offensive and defensive play balance, it is worth noting: the thunder away record of 7 wins and 6 losses (. 53.9%). Battle against the Nuggets, the thunder won quite easily, Westbrook scored 30 points and 9 rebounds and 12 assists in the three double data, Durant had 26 points and 10 assists per game, in front of other major helper also showed the roles. The team is currently the overall state of the assured, battle against ruolv, thunder home court well should be nothing difficult.

The Bucks won 6 wins and 8 losses, winning 42.9% in the first 14 games in December, and they currently have 12 wins 19 of the negative record ranked thirteenth in eastern. Until now, the Bucks were present credited with 96.4 points at the same time, the net negative up to 5.9 points, the defensive end is still a big loophole. The Bucks fight away defeat Dallas team losing streak to two games, the team really bad, the past two games and Bucks have been shown to be in a complete mess, averaging team only scored 91.5 points, and lost points to reach 108 points, thus the team offensive and defensive efficiency is poor, the battle array containing the young bucks but frequently break the calf the old and the team's offensive tactics succeeded, monotonous, eventually losing team also reasonable, on the general battle array playing time is not short, the physical limitation of the money really difficult to have the bucks and the thunder started up war.

The game recommended thunder let 14 points.