NBA event recommended – Eagle VS Nicks

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In January 6, 2016 09:00Eagle VS NicksThe two sides are expected starting:Eagle:Kent Baez Moore, Paul Millsap, Al Horford, Kell, Geoff Teague korver.Nicks:Cameron - Anthony - Pohl Zingis, Robin, Krista Phillips - Lopez, Aaron - afulaluo, Jose Calderon.

Youter western sports chupan: the Hawks make 8 points.

All star front will be 'little melon' Cameron - led by New York, Atlanta, a challenge to visit the eagles of the, Nicks. The two teams this season regular season the last 1 meetings, but also the two sides within 3 days of the second meetings, 4 this month, Nicks had the home court victory over the eagles, the state Huiyong Nicks will bring great trouble to the home court.

The nearly 3 fighting continued fighting away, the team made only 1 wins and 2 negative results, the guest performance is worrying, but as a win rate of 6 as a team, the eagles in this season home court performance is quite reliable, the team at present home court scores up to 12 wins and 6 losses, and the net field can win match 4.2 points, the team the last time in the face of home court Nicks won the match 19 points, the Hawks still have to come up with that in the home court against Nicks sharp against the area to play against opponents, I believe the team still has a great chance to revenge in the home court winning.

Nicks 2 wins and 1 negative results in nearly 3 battle, the team state is remarkable, it is worth mentioning is the battle team away game lost 27 points, Nicks is currently at the score of only 7 wins and 11 losses, and averaging also lost a net opponent up to 4.7 points, the ability is not. Dare to compliment, the key battle of Nicks's victory is afflaalo outbreak, this battle scored 38 points in the game, the opponent will focus on defense, Nicks and other players in both ends have a better play to ensure the team has enough strength to contend with the opponent.

Youter W88 western sports: recommended Eagle make 8 points wins.