Gold Vatican Club – magic tower (BS) mobile phone version has been on the line


Magic tower is a 5 axis of the 243 kinds of payment slot machine game. In this magical environment, with new game symbols, only one class found in nature's unique features, together into the mysterious nature o 's exploration.

Your login account, select the slot machine gold Vatican club, real money into the game.


This game includes "elemental magic", "free rotation", "double bonus", etc.. Elemental magic can be divided into: "water elemental magic", "earth elemental magic", "air elemental magic", "fire elemental magic". Automatic rotation can automatically set the number of times to repeat the automatic use of automatic rotation function.


You can click on the top left of the page settings, "sound settings", "view payment table", "change the amount of bets".


Click: change the bet, you can choose to enter: "coin denomination" and "betting amount".

魔幻塔赔付表Click: View odds table to see the specific payment method.

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