2016 European Cup highlights the first look: the history of the most intense session of the ten!

欧洲杯十大亮点-优德W88官网Beijing at 11 am on the morning of 3, the opening of the European Football Championship in France, the host team will be in the opener against the Romania team in france. The next month, the 51 European Cup games will open four years of football feast, is different from the world cup, the European Cup between the strength of each team more average, higher level of the game exciting. On the occasion of the opening, to the current European Cup top 10 stories for you tomorrow.

1, warlords, who won the German Cup

The European Cup is about to start, is considered to be the most intense competition in recent years. Look strong, Germany won the world cup champion, Spain won the two European Cup champion, ranked first in the world FIFA Belgium, C Ronaldo still is one of the best players in the world, Europe brings together almost the top power in the world.

Therefore, many teams in won the de bruyne cup, and each stunt. Host France occupy opportune, with Marshall and bogeba two hot star; Spain no longer by Harvey and Alonso at the helm, but Spanish football scored in European competition this season strong, proved its advanced football philosophy.

At the same time, the German team strong soldiers and sturdy horses expensive for the Brazil World Cup champion, has replaced Spain and Belgium to dominate the European trend; the "golden generation" has experienced the baptism of the world cup, the mentality will be more mature, the attack is further enhanced; Italy robust style is most suitable for Shanxi level competition, although many newcomers, but Italians often burst out of special power in the contest.

In addition, England brought together a new generation of Youth League talent, they are never be ignored contender, not to mention Ibrahimovic and C Ronaldo has thousands of miles of super capacity. From the point of view of the odds, France and Germany and Spain to get more bullish, but the gap between the odds is very small, the support of the title of the fierce debate and uncertainty.


2, the old and new overlord can touch? Germany Spain final meet

In the history of the European Cup, only one of the last champion team successfully defended, that is, in 2008 and in 2012, the Spanish team won the championship. Open the previous 14 games, from three consecutive champions recently is the former West Germany, 1972 and 1980 two session of the European Cup, they were defeated in the former Soviet Union and Belgium win, but the 1976 European Cup final, Germany lost to Czechoslovakia on penalties.

Now, 8 years, two times won the European Cup in Spain will comeback, although Harvey and Alonso midfielder has left, but the ball play Spain in Europe still keep ahead, if won, Spain will establish the European open left this ancient dynasty, but on the other hand, they have been eager to challenger.

2 years ago, the Brazil World Cup, the German team won the strong, especially in the semi final 7 to 1 victory over host Brazil, let the world lifted. Today, Loew led the German team players like Royce strong soldiers and sturdy horses, even are not included in the squad, the side of the powerful German tanks.

However, from the draw situation, Germany and Spain only meet in the final, this is not a small challenge to both sides, including host France, ranked first in the world in Belgium, will hinder the two super teams realignment. However, the Spanish VS German drama, perhaps the tournament's most anticipated showdown.


3, the top scorer who contend? Ibled million eager Wahl Charles Dumas are new

Historically, the European Cup of the best shooter has always been fierce, but in addition to Platini's 5 game of the miracle of the past few years, there has never been the best scorer scoring more than 5 goals in the past 30 years. The European Cup, including Ibrahimovic, Lewandowski, including the European Super striker, will launch an impact on this record.

All Sagittarius, have to mention is the core of C Ronaldo Portugal, although over thirty years old, but still maintained a horrible C Ronaldo to break records, as a Portuguese attack the absolute core, C Ronaldo have others do not have "unlimited fire power", he is the top scorer of the candidate.

In addition, many of the first time to participate in the European Cup rookie forward are worth looking forward to the Turks, Qiaerhan Oulu, England striker Harry Kane Marshall, the French are not the shooter. It is worth mentioning that, despite the Leicester City striker Vardi is not small, but it is the first time to participate in the world cup in Europe, such as the "new", the state of the good he will create a miracle?

欧洲杯-优德W88官网4, the civilian team interpretation of the dark horse legend? Many teams have upset the strength

Dark horse, has always been the world cup, the European Cup and other aspects of the game, the history of the European Cup, Denmark, Greece have completed the magic to win albert. Due to expansion, such as Hungary and Iceland team this year will be the first to participate in the European Cup, they have the potential to become the dark horse.

All may become the dark horse of the Belgian team, your first in the world, I'm afraid not enough color. But if Lavon led Poland, West Iceland, has led the Goodson Qiaerhan Oulu, Turkey, led by Baer Welsh and other teams, have become the dark horse of sufficient strength.

The European Cup exists the mysterious "dark horse competition law", every 12 years will be the birth of a dark horse in the final: 1968 1980 Yugoslavia, Belgium, Denmark in 1992, Greece in 2004, another 12 years have passed, the 2016 European Cup will have a fantastic scene now?


Influence of the quality of the game, 5 European Cup expansion?

The development of the European Cup today, the finals of the team has been growing in size, from the initial 4, to the team, and then to the 16 team, until the current team of 24. More countries have the opportunity to show themselves in the European Cup stage, but on the other hand, similar to Northern Ireland and Albania team qualify, although increasing the probability of a dark horse appeared, but the probability of bad side also increased significantly.

Perhaps, this will stimulate the expansion of the "Danish fairy tale", "Greek mythology" happen again. However, along with a "elite event" proud of the European Cup, has been advertised "no underdog" event, would not be due to expansion and reduce the wonderful degree? This question, I am afraid that only after the end of the contest, will come to the answer.


6, bid farewell to youth! How many veteran will say goodbye?

For Chinese fans, since 80s TV started broadcasting in 90s European football, European Football League began to spread propaganda, many players have not retired, on behalf of the Chinese fans watching a "youth memories".

2014 World Cup, Harvey, Alonso, Rahm, Pirlo and other players waved goodbye. This session of the European Cup, has confirmed the left superstar including Italy goalkeeper Buffon. In addition, Ibrahimovic, Casey, Evra, Iniesta is also facing the old occupation career. These players bid farewell to the fans and the media will set off another round of "sensational".


7, suspicions of terrorist attack? Can the European Cup end safely?

Last year, a terrorist attack in Paris, football related sports has become a target for terrorists. This news, I am afraid that the European Cup will cast a shadow.

A few days before the contest, once again exposed the bad news, the relevant departments in England and France have issued the alert warnings of a terrorist attack, France for more than 100 thousand security personnel for beiqin. In addition, there is news that the French police arrested several suspected terrorist suspects, and seized hundreds of kilograms of explosives. The news will cast a shadow over the security of the European Cup in france.


8, in the face? Guo Feng Ba is the only the only child

In recent years, Super League football players in Europe and America, the ongoing American Cup, there are 2 Brazil national team's absolute main force from the super league. The European Cup, had played in the super effect Iceland veteran Gourde, and the Turkey striker Yilmaz has become the active effect of super European Cup only child.

However, this season Yilmaz played a handful of games on behalf of the national security, most of the time dragged down by injury. This former super top striker can super long face, is still unknown.


9, C Luo ushered in the final opportunity?

Born in 1985, C Luo, has spent most of the professional athlete's athletic ability heyday, but by virtue of hard training, C Luo is still maintained the world's best players physical and technical skills. However, C Ronaldo has never led the Portuguese team to win the intercontinental championship, the closest to the champion, in the 2004 European Cup final defeat to greece.

But have to say, with the increase in age, C Lo will face the future decline in the state of motion. Today, 31 years old, he is still in the peak of the post, leading Portugal to the championship is not impossible. But I'm afraid, with the rise of Germany, Belgium, France, and the recovery of the Brazil team, C Ronaldo won the championship difficulty, will only become larger and larger over time.


10, new faces! The next superstar from now on

Each European Cup, the emergence of new generation of the next generation of world class players. The European Cup, including France, England, Italy, Germany, including a number of traditional teams have brought a lot of rookie. Such as Marshall, Valane, Yin xinie, morata, Isko, drachsler, Harry Kane etc..

For them, the European Cup is not only the temple, it is the rise of the world's super star stage. In addition, have to mention the European Red Devils Belgium, they have a young Zal, de Blau Hei and the giants, Ba Shu, Callas, Ao Liji Yayi also showed himself in a big club. This group of young people, will be a major part of the European cup.


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