Reason for Valentine’s day, meet youter W88The activity is over, thank you!

缘定情人节,相约优德W88-优德W88官网February 14th youter and invite you to spend a romantic Valentine's day! Every single day deposit over 1314 yuan, you can get the equivalent of "Saturday blessing gold foil a rose."! Send you a never withering flowers, every day is Valentine's Day! Activities are limited to the first 888 members of the application, the number is limited, immediately participate in it ~!

Rules and provisions:
  1. Activity time: February 14, 2016 00:00:00 to 23:59:59 (Beijing time) on.
  2. This event is only applicable to all members in W88 registered youter rmb.
  3. Membership is required on Valentine's Day (February 14th) a single deposit of more than 1314 yuan to get "Saturday blessing a gold rose gold".
  4. Members who meet the requirements, please send your application on Valentine's DayProtected]; [email&#160** \/Mailbox, overdue.
    Please specify the following information, and Title: Valentine's day meet youter W88

    • User name:
    • Recipient name:
    • Phone number:
    • Mailing address:
    • Postcode:
  5. Within 2 working days after the end of the offer, you will be contacted to verify the exchange.
  6. To verify the correct information will be arranged within 5 days of delivery, if this period can not verify the information will be deemed a waiver.
  7. Each member account is limited to a single application, no duplicate application.
  8. Youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, youter W88 has the right to all member or a member to cancel this offer at any time.
  9. Youter W88 the general terms and conditions apply to this offer.