NBA tournament recommendation – Warriors VS Pacers

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January 23, 2016 11:30Warrior VS WalkerThe two sides are expected to start:Walker:Robinson, Ellis, George, Allen, mahellonmi;Warrior:Thompson, Barnes, Green, curry, boggarts.

Youter western sports: 13 points for the warriors ".

The warriors return to Oracle arena against the eastern end of three passengers who walk. The warriors recently 5 games lost 2 games, compared to the beginning of the season strong state have ups and downs, but the recent warriors even grams of knights and two bulls big east giants a be struck dumb. The Pacers on a road victory over the Suns victory over the 3 successive defeats, but the last 5 games, only a total of 2 wins and 3 negative state in general, but is still in the top 19 victories in the east of the record is not the best of the top fifth.

In the past two consecutive road warriors battle rival knights and Eastern bloodbath bulls, the team competitive state is excellent, the past two battle warriors exhibited superior firepower, and knight service team off 132 points, while on the defensive battle with the bull, the warriors still off 125 points in prevent the opponent, the offensive team the performance of the great men of war can be a trend which cannot be halted, so sharp offensive rhythm to break the opponent defense.

The Pacers battle in the away win in the belly of the sun, the team got rid of defeats in the doldrums, the morale of the team is encouraged by the recent Pacers overall performance was disappointing, the team was known for his defense, but recently the team has repeatedly opponents off the mark, before the battle at the Pepsi Center, the Pacers are such Nuggets the underdog off the score of 129, thus the defense is not reliable, the start of the season so far the Pacers also made only 10 wins and 13 negative results at.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game let 13 points wins the warrior.