Premier League events – Liverpool VS Manchester

赛事推荐The January 17, 2016 22:05 is expected to debut: Liverpool: mignolet, Klein, Alberto, Moreno, Nicolas Kolk and Henderson, Qiao Alun, Milner, Firmino, Lallana, Eby; Manchester: David De Gea, Ashley, Yang, Damian, Smolin, brin de Schneider, Lin, Herrera, Ma Fellaini, Charles Lin Jiade, Rooney

Youter western sports: Liverpool chupan let 0-0.5 ball.

Liverpool battle while the home court, but still face Arsenal down to leeward, although with a stoppage time tied to Arsenal last home court losing, but recently in the British cup, FA Cup and League three line battle led to combat the decline in the Red Army recently completely unmasked, while battling over the main suspended because of injury, the battle against old rivals Manchester United to win the confidence. Battle of Newcastle was a guest on the United team tenacious draw, ending 2 game winning streak in the recent rebound momentum, although Van Gaal's tactics are too conservative, but United lost 4 straight after the recent 2 wins 2 flat state rebounded, with the first leg at home court 3 to 1 victory over Liverpool, the whole team psychological advantage is very obvious. This battle visit Anfield, Manchester United also has a winning ability.

The Liverpool team in the week and the Gunners draw, currently 31 points ranked ninth, but the Spurs ranked fourth with 5 points difference, the impact of the Champions League there is still hope that this round of matches in recent years to face the bane of manchester. The team is currently the biggest problem is the injury, two defenders Skrtel and lovren injured, the defensive team fell significantly, midfielder Coutinho, striker Sturidge, and Ince has origgi wound in the body, in the rotation klopp intensive schedule by great influence.

Manchester United League is 3:3 draw with Newcastle, the team is currently ranked sixth, but Van Gaal's crisis of confidence is still not released in this game if you lose double red words, he still has the risk of class. In this game the main defender Luke Shaw to recuperate, and Schweinsteiger will be sidelined, but the team in the waist position of the staff is adequate. But the team recently Arjen repeatedly work, this also let Rooney from the downturn in the state came out, this is a good news.

Manchester United transferee 0-0.5 ball wins.