Youter live entertainment city on the new page, the speed of flow experience


Youter live entertainment city page design has been optimized! The picture is more smooth, more clear, take you to experience a different visual feast, followed by a small series of pages to see the effect of optimization! Login experience now!

Nickname and avatar settings

For the first time into the new version of the real entertainment city need to enter a game nickname, just enter once, no need to log in again! You can set according to their preferences, click the red box:"Enter a nickname", after the input is completed:"Ok"Can. (as shown below)


Nickname must enter数字或字母, after the input is completed:"Ok"Can. (as shown below)


Nickname must enter4-100 characterMust not be lower than or exceed character limit. Click:"Ok"Can. (as shown below)


After entering the nickname, you need to choose your avatar, you can choose 1 of your favorite avatar in the pop-up page, click on the 5:"Ok"Can. (as shown below)


Set the end member avatar, you can enter the game table.

Introduction of the new version of the game page

After the optimization of the game page quality clearer. Page function items as shown below.

If the upper left corner of the graphTable informationReal time limit, and the bonus prize pool: Bureau of history (super 98 baccarat), check the number

In the upper right corner of the graphNumber of query regionYou can view any table free choice number, number of switching, the background color selection approach.

FigureBetting area:Betting area域,您可查看到投注赔付情况,Figure7坐视图可显示玩家昵称及头像。您还可手动快速输入投注金额完成下注。


On the right side of the betting page[lotus] tip function, click:"TIP"Can appear"Tip amount", click on the amount you choose:"V"确认Can. (as shown below)


The following figure, the results of the game is more clear publicity, functional areas more clearly.


Dear members, we will stop the 3 ordinary baccarat (Chou Yongjin) desktop, baccarat offers super 98. If you want to play baccarat (Chou Yongjin), it is recommended that you can try our new entertainment city hall game. Youter wish you good luck, happy game!

If you encounter any problems in the course of the game, please contact us in 7\/24 hours online customer service to help you, we will be happy to serve you!