NBA tournament daily recommendation – Magic VS Knight

NBA赛事推荐-魔术VS 骑士In December 12th 08:00 VS, Magic Knight, the two sides are expected starting:Magic:Payton, Harris, and Vu Che Vecchi Fournier, frye.Knight:Erwin, James, Le Fu, incense Alpert and Mozgov. Small series for you to bring forward prediction!

The game recommended the Cavaliers to 3 points.

The magic in Beijing 12, 8 in the morning in the home court against cleveland. The magic of the recent good state, in the past 8 to win the next 6 games, although compared to a certain gap between the strength of the knight, but 12 wins 10 of the negative record has been very good, although the ninth place in the East, but in the west can be ranked seventh, should not be underestimated. Five straight after the end, divided by 2 points and 3 points against the clippers and the sun, the remaining three games they defeated the Timberwolves, jazz and Denver, ranking also rose slightly, they are in the eastern ninth, and knight is 2.5 wins.

Cavaliers currently record lead the Eastern Conference, currently achieved 14 wins and 7 negative record, ranking the top in the East, but the advantage is very small, only one in the lead in the field of a win. Given their lack of two starters, it was a pretty good record. A knight in the home court to (-9.5) 105-100 win over Portland, made a comeback after the victory, James rested and scored 33 points

Two pairs of data 10 rebounds, and Loew, Delaweiduowa and Williams three people together for the team with 48 points. Although Erwin and sweet amber unique but they could return, even if the play time will be under control. Therefore, the knight can rely on James. Knight under the leadership of James, Knight strength, and experience, but want to win at home, is not easy. Season so far, the Cavaliers away record only 4 wins and 6 losses.

The past 3 seasons, is the Magic Knight's nemesis, has straight opponents in 11 games, averaging 14.1 points points. Knight last lost to magic or November 24, 2012.