NBA tournament recommendation – Knight VS magic

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In January 3, 2016 08:30Knight VS magicThe two sides are expected to start:Magic:Vu Che Vecchi, Tobias, Frye, Harris Fournier, Elfriede Payton.Knight:Tristan - Thompson, Le Fu,, J.R.-,, and Erwin.

Youter western sports chupan: Knight 9 points.

8:30 on Sunday morning, the NBA regular season East a focus of the war, King Lebron - James led the eastern top Cleveland sits in the home court against the Orlando magic. The two teams this season regular season third games this season, knight has twice won the magic, in his home court battles defeated, the best advantage of knight is really worth holding.

The knight by nearly two consecutive win on the road, the team state should be affirmed, the Cavaliers with 21 wins and 9 negative results ranked the top team in the East, home court is made 13 wins and 1 negative results, the team home court powerful, recently Erwin, Mo Williams and xiangbote that several major injuries have rejoin the team an unprecedented lineup neat, from this season overall performance, Knight already is a great defensive team, and the team in the personnel system after the offensive firepower will be greatly developed, the face of back-to-back Magic Knight will not easily missed such an opportunity to win.

Magic by just on the road with the Wizards experience a fierce battle, the back-to-back aliens, all will be terribly fatigued, this season the magic of rapid progress, the team is currently in the eastern ranking, and the team on the offensive and defensive efficiency also is quite good, the team is the biggest feature of the field strength of each position relative to the average, the offensive team is selective, and the team structure is relatively young, it is worth mentioning that a magic performance is more general, the team the last Knight away would lose 14 points, the team to back-to-back tiaola opponent is not easy.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: recommended Knight 9 points for the win.