NBA tournament – Jazz VS Eagle

NBA赛事推荐-爵士VS 老鹰-优德W88官网

In March 9, 2016 10:00Sir VS EagleThe two sides are expected to start:Eagle:Teague, Baez, Millsap, Kyle Korver, Huo Fude moore;Sir:Mark, Hu De, Hayward Chervin, Fivos, Gobert.

Youter western sports: Sir -1 3.

Millsap and Fivos for three seasons in the team during the jazz, Fivos is regarded as Millsap's younger brother, it is because of the rise of Fivos, sir Millsap gave up only in the summer of 2013. Fivos Jazz beat pelican's hero, the game he scored 28 points, 11 rebounds, 6 blocks and 3 assists. Millsap is also a good form, he scored 20 points, 18 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals. The first match in two teams this season, Fivos scored 23 points and 9 rebounds, Millsap scored 28 points and 6 rebounds.

The last game victory over the clippers, Teague scored 22 points and 6 rebounds and 7 assists, Millsap 20 points and 18 rebounds and 5 assists, Baltzer Moore 17 points and 5 rebounds, Horford 11 points and 12 rebounds, 10 points and 3 assists coval, substitute schlauder 16 points and 3 assists, Fuluosha plug 3 points and 8 rebounds. The eagle beat the Clippers after two wins in 10 games, 5 wins and 5 losses, the team record of 35 wins and 28 defeats, ranked fifth in eastern, behind the fourth Miami 2 wins.

The Jazz last game against pelicans, Phevos scored 28 points 11 rebounds and 6 blocked shots, Hayward 24 points and 5 rebounds and 4 assists, Mark 11 points and 4 assists, hood 11 points and 4 rebounds, Gobert 5 points and 18 rebounds, Booker came off the bench with 11 points and 8 rebounds, 6 points ". The Jazz beat Pelican before the recent poor state, suffered 5 defeats in 10 games, 3 wins and 7 losses, the team record of 29 wins and 33 defeats, ranked ninth in the west, the Rockets 1.5 games behind the eighth.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: this game recommended Sir let 1 points wins.