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Thursday happy color happy championship is about to appear, immediately sign up, easy access to the entry account, first come first served, get up quickly!

Championship content:

  1. Happy ThursdayEach participating member, meet, will use the special game account, game account password; each 5000 virtual currency, according to the total time of the contest winning the final ranking.
  2. In order to ensure fair and equitable members can be refreshed at any time to view the rankings.
  3. The tournament is applicable to all in the WEighty-eight yuan, youter vnd, Indonesia rupiah, Thai baht, ringgit, and won $registered members. Each member can only have a WEighty-eight account, if the query to multiple accounts, will permanently cancel the eligibility and cancel the bonus and ranking!
  4. Happy color happy ChampionshipApply to happy color game.
Rules and provisions:
  1. You only need a week before the start of the game,There are at least 200 yuan in WEighty-eight happy lottery or lottery(或等值货币)有效投注记录即可申请.每期所有国家共2Eighty-eight effective participation placesFirst, apply for and complete the amount of water, first place!
  2. immediatelyClick"Apply for preferential treatment"Button (after logging in)申请参与锦标赛.申请时间从每星期周五到第二周的周四下午18:00:00开赛前结束.任何对赌情况的投注将不计算在返水投注额内并投注无效
  3. Each member meets the competition, we will useYouter letter WEighty-eight将比赛专用账号,密码,链接和及时排名链接发送给您,使用该账号进行比赛,每位账号5000虚拟币,比赛时间内按照总输赢进行最终排名,最终前25名输赢必须为正数而且至少有投注20手.若总输赢为0或负数,将不会派发bonus.
  4. 5000虚拟币不可转账与提款.
  5. In order to ensure fair and equitable members can be refreshed at any time to view the rankings.
  6. Bonus allocation: (only 1 times the amount of money in the fun fun game can apply for withdrawal)
    Ranking bonus
    First name Eight hundred and eighty-eight
    Second name Three hundred and eighty-eight
    Third name One hundred and eighty-eight
    Fourth to 5 Eighty-eight
    Sixth to 25 Thirty-eight
  7. 参赛会员只可以在每一期晚上19点之后进行投注,比赛时间总共为4个小时,方便您在任何时候随时加入.每周四23点正式结束比赛.19点之前投注视为无效.
  8. bonus将会在比赛结束后的两个工作日内派发至您WEighty-eight真实账户中.
  9. 一经发现对赌等违反游戏规则的行为,将取消排名及bonus资格.
  10. 欢迎您随时登录优德WEighty-eight在线客服或查看优德WEighty-eight官方微博,微信了解更多详情.
  11. 优德WEighty-eight一般条款及规则应用于此优惠.