Youter Lotto new upgrade


Keep the original youter W88 lottery game play, the game has been betting interface optimization, the updated betting interface is more concise and beautiful. A variety of betting, quick win lottery, so simple!

Login after the official website of choice[game]Game entry. As follows:


In order to improve the game, lottery, lottery in a happy color, 3D added 30 seconds speed lottery (below)


Figure 1:In the latest version of the operating interface, add a few functional keys功能键From left to right:

(1)Game record:Players can record the history of betting through the game records, game records can be seen in the past 7 days, up to 4000 betting history.

(2)Favorite game:Players can be based on personal preferences, their favorite game types added to this.

(3)Screen game:The lottery is divided into happy color, big lottery, 3D lottery, 11X5, game player can view the game screening personal needs.

(4)Popular games:This feature allows players to view the current maximum number of bets, the most popular game.

Figure 2:The information displayed in the same way with the baccarat game player, you can view the game related play lottery record, to bet according to personal judgment.

Figure 3:添加&最爱From left to right:1 rules of the game. 2 add to favorites.

Figure 4:Here you will be able to see the game time, click after entering the corresponding game, as shown below:


asAbove 1In the show, game player can enter the Lotto lottery game 30 seconds at the same time, but also for other types of betting lottery results. This setting can be more convenient to view the lottery information, timely judgment and betting, seize every chance of winning.

上Figure 2:A lot of people for the "rebate" and "multiple" not too understand. Small series can give you a brief introduction!

Rebate:Game player can according to individual needs, choose the highest 7% rebate, in the betting betting system according to the return of principal amount according to the proportion of the stake, the need to pay attention to the amount of rebate is the lowest return is 1 cents, less than 1 cents to return. But in the choice of rebate, the actual game player bets will be reduced correspondingly, after winning the profit will be reduced by about 7%.
Multiple:This function and手动输入Same function, note, manually enter the number of options[1],[and not the amount],而是[select multiple],在乐透中,每注投注金额根据元角分玩家所选定额进行投注,最低投注分别为:2元,2角,2分人民币。倍数就是根据所选定额,在进行翻倍投注的功能键。