Dezhou Mahjong – Android mobile download


Dezhou mahjong to provide you with mobile phone version, to meet the needs of your game anytime, anywhere, scanning the two-dimensional code easy to install, open your phone to follow the small series together to download and install the game!

Download path:


1 scan two-dimensional code: you can sweep the surface above the two-dimensional code, or enter the official website of the mobile phone page scan code, install download;

2 Computer Download: you can visit the official website [Download], select Dezhou mahjong, download to the computer, the phone after the introduction of the installation;

3 mobile phone website: you can phone landing site, choose Dezhou mahjong installed directly to the phone.

How to download: a case study of mobile phone website installation

1 click [Dezhou mahjong] download;

德州麻将安装12 click [OK], the phone background download is complete, double click on the phone screen installation;

德州麻将安装2 手机德州麻将下载版1


So far, the completion of the Dezhou mahjong mobile version download installation, you can directly log on the game.

For more details, please consult 7\/24 hours online customer service.