NBA event – Lakers VS rockets

NBA赛事推荐-湖人VS火箭December 18, 2015 11:30, Lakers VS rockets,The two sides are expected to start:Rockets: Beverly, Ariza, harden, Jonas, Mo Tai Howard, the Lakers: Clarkson, Williams, Kobe, Nancy, Hibbert
The game youter western sports: 6 points for the Rockets ".
NBA Los Angeles at Staples against rockets. 1 teams played against the team 4 days ago, the rockets at home to give the Lakers a difference of 29 points to lose the game 6. Rockets this season, the state of the doldrums, although fired coach Mchale, but did not receive substantial change. The last game they lost away the king, suffered 2 defeats, currently 12 wins 14 of the negative record, although ranked seventh, but winning the dismal. While the Lakers rely on the excellent play home court victory over the Bucks, Kobe played in the 3 quarter, scoring 22 points, the team scored in double figures 7, Russell and Randall in bench eye-catching, Russell has an impressive series of cut marks, great progress.
The Lakers had only 1 wins and 7 losses in the previous two games, but they bounced back at home and beat the bucks with 113-95 on the. In this game Kobe scored 22 points, Kobe has a very good offensive efficiency, the last 5 games and averaging 18.2 points, 5 rebounds and 4.2 assists, the last two hit rate is more than 46%, which can show his shooting touch in recovery. In addition to the status of Kobe promotion, the performance of young players is also very good, the team scored seven pairs. Although the team is still at the bottom of the rankings, but two new play gave the team a huge space for development. The team is currently 4 wins and 21 losses.
The rocket recently three road race, the first two has ended, they have to 6 points and 10 points to lose to Denver and the king, suffered 2 defeats, low morale. In the last game against the kings, the Rockets defense is very bad, let the king threw 50.7% shooting, including three pointer hit rate was 45.8%. Obviously, the worst defense is they lose everything. The team and internal contradictions, lack of trust between the players, especially Howard in the team's position is particularly awkward, against the Sacramento Kings, Howard played 28 minutes, scoring only 4 points, 4 rebounds and 2 assists. The near future is almost reduced to a blue collar, leaving rumors as one falls, another rises.

Recommend the Rockets to 6 points wins.