European Cup – Romania VS Switzerland

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June 16, 2016 00:00Romania VS SwitzerlandThe two sides are expected to start:Romania:Tatarusanu, Sepp Na Lou, and Grigore, based in Kesh, Pintili, Huo Ban, and Stancu, Stanciu, Thor, heat in amdo;Switzerland:Leigh F Steiner, Scher, Djourou, sommer, Rodrigues, Behrami, Zach, Sacchi, Embolo, Sefi Boris, zhema erie.

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In the past, Romania and Switzerland has played 12 times, two teams to win 5 games, and two draw. The race world championship, 1994 World Cup, Switzerland was in the group phase in the 4-1 victory over Romania. Judging from the latest ranking of FIFA, Switzerland ranked fifteenth, Romania ranked twenty-second, the two teams are still not far away.

The first round of Romania group phase performance, in the face of strong offensive host, the team has resistance to eighty-eighth minutes, eventually lost in a personal capacity, although the 10 games lost only 2 balls, but after entering in 2016, Romania's defense emerged large landslide, count the warm-up match, the team the last 4 a total of 8 games lost the ball, playing in the opponent defense veteran, the impact is more awkward, the game in order to deal with the Swiss team winger Sacchi, coach is likely to send the young Philip, and striker Libec, who had just not likely to replace in the state of Romania initiative bianzhao antone, is expected to receive effect.

The Swiss team first round face of the weakest of the Albania team beat 1:0, get three precious, because the European Cup expansion to 24 teams, four teams score the third best team can also qualify for the tournament, so the Swiss team just to get a point, you can lock the basic outlet the qualification, the array has Behrami, Leigh F Steiner, and other star xherdan shaqiri Zacca strength, the Swiss team strength and experience are better than Romania, in the face of the recent defensive instability in Romania, the Swiss team is expected to seize the key points.

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