German Bundesliga – Nuremberg VS Frankfurt

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May 24, 2016 02:30Frankfurt VS NurembergThe two sides are expected to start:Nuremberg:Schaefer, Buijs, Blaetz C, Lai, Boulder, SEPSI c.i.hovland, Mowoerde, Peter Lark, Kirk, Foer Kruger, Bloom;Frankfurt:Hradecky, Jia Kepa, Abraham, Ruth, oczipka, Fabregas, Sten della, Hasebe Makoto, Searl, Castaignos, Ben hatira aigner.

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Beijing time on May 24th at 02:302015\/16 in the morning of the German football league season relegation playoff second leg matches will be held in Nuremberg at the stadium, the Second Division League third Nuremberg team in the Bundesliga home court against third from the Frankfurt team. The first leg, both sides of the 1 - 1 draw.

Nuremberg this season to determine the playoff places, on the weekend league finale team is the main purpose of the training, but still away victory over Paderborn, many of the main players can get off the whole is better than the Frankfurt. Nuremberg is fast in the Second Division League this season, the 34 round of the League 19 wins 8 flat 7 negative record, winning percentage as high as 56%, while the home court winning percentage is as high as 65%, but the road performance slightly compared with the top two are lacking, ultimately only to 2 points no direct upgrade. Now came to upgrade the match, for Nuremberg, the home team must play a high level, because the team had 5 times in the face of Frankfurt, have failed to win, the pressure is not small. Despite the fact that Nuremberg is currently in the tournament with the help of lucky goddess, but the team still needs to wake up twelve minutes.

Over the weekend in Frankfurt and Werder Bremen after the relegation battle, battle physical exertion, but also in the week in Nuremberg launched the first round playoff upgrades and fighting, I'm afraid Frankfurt player fitness will be a little too much. The game against old rivals Nuremberg, the team performance is not dominant, is advantageous to the team more than the main players have returned in a timely manner, improve the squad. Frank forbay season's play is not ideal, if not the last 4 games scored 12 points, Frankfurt would have no chance to play an extra game. The Frankfurt Road, the team can stay in the Bundesliga this one.

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