NBA tournament recommended – Knight VS sun

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In January 28, 2016 08:00Knight VS the sunThe two sides are expected to start:The sun:Chandler, Ryan, Tucker, Goodwin, and Booker;Knight:Tristan - Thompson, Le Fu,, J.R.-,, and Erwin.

Youter western sports chupan: Knight 16.5 points.

As the Cavaliers coach tyronn Lue, put forward to accelerate the rhythm of attack. Knight 95 points every 48 minutes this season, the league is the slowest team, the speed is clearly not the work can be completed in the short term, the players need some time to adapt to the work of the third. Provides an opportunity to try a new style of play to the sun on the sun every 48 minutes to Cleveland, 100.7 round league does not slow down the fourth fastest, Knight of the rhythm, and the sun is struggling for fitness 11 straight away the situation, but also provides an opportunity for Knight child dishes.

The knight recently for the home court, nearly 3 home court 2 wins and 1 losses, after coach Blatter class team defeated the Bulls win the first battle in the forest, the wolf was appointed coach. Tyronn Lue took office after the tactics of the team is also a certain change, players need time to adapt to the situation, the recent Blatter class again put James on a face in the teeth of the storm, but the Timberwolves, James high, showing a powerful dominance, but as in the title knight, there are a lot of need change places.

The last 18 games lost 16 games, game losing streak of 11 games, including 76 people in Philadelphia lost the league's worst record, 76 people were swept, since the sun hit the 2012-13 season the longest losing streak away. This season is still not too much progress, after the blood cloth basically bid farewell to the playoffs this season reimbursement sun race, currently 14 wins and 31 losses ranked the last second, the only good news is the team rookie Devon Booker recent eye-catching performance, the sun is the future focus on training objects.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: the game recommended Knight 16.5 points for the win.