UEFA Champions League 1\/4 final – Real Madrid VS Wolfsburg


Beijing time on April 13th at 2:45 in the morning, before the start of the Champions League 1\/4 final, second leg Real Madrid and VS Wolfsburg, as in the first round match Wolfsburg home court with 2-0 upset victory over the powerful Real Madrid, so the game Real Madrid home court in order to reverse the need to protect defensive cases only have a chance to win.
Real Madrid vs Wolfsburg

[the two sides fight]

In the past 1 meetings only, Real Madrid lost.

[the recent trend]

Real Madrid: - - wins

Wolfsburg: the outcome of Pingfu Yuko

[small data]

Wolfsburg won 5 Champions league.

In the last 3 Real Madrid champions league matches, each team scored less than 2.5.

[event related]

The first round of two goals behind Real Madrid on Tuesday night at home court against Wolfsburg, they have the confidence to achieve comeback. The team recently guest performance barely qualified, but as long as a return to Bernabeu with a different fit on the road when the two teams. Under the command of Zidane, the Spanish giants in the past 9 home in addition to the loss of Atletico Madrid, the other 8 games to win, a total of 9 games scored a total of 37 goals.

Wolfsburg has been on the road performance is not stable, nearly 9 away only won two times, including at the beginning of the month at Leverkusen swallow 0-3 fiasco. Fortunately, they are in the Champions League last two away series victory, if players have enough confidence, they are expected to make trouble for real madrid.

In spite of this, Real Madrid home court still has enough capital to early promotion, if won, then the race will go to their advantage, and ultimately make the semi-final wish.

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