Crazy field platoon and crazy field platoon cumulative Pool ChampionshipThe activity is over, thank you!


Earn more points in the game immediately, winning up to $22000 bonus! Only six days now!

Rules and provisions:
  1. Activities began in July 29, 2016 08:01:00 (Beijing time), as of 07:59:59 on August 3rd (Beijing time). Youter W88 vnd, Indonesian rupiah, Thai baht, dollars, Renminbi, ringgit, yen and the Australian dollar, won all the registered members can apply to participate in this activity.
  2. The club members need to Jinzun crazy crazy platoon platoon, real money games use the cumulative pool slots (mobile phone version and the web version).
  3. Each bet $35 (or equivalent) will be rotated 1 points, the amount of bets as follows:
    • 35 dollars
    • 3550 yen
    • 45 Australian dollars
    • 225 yuan
    • 135 horse coin
    • 1180 baht
    • 37900 won
    • 750 Vietnam shield
    • 435 Indonesia shield
  4. Official website ranking will be released last 50 members, 16:00 PM (Beijing time) update list. Please click here to view the list.
  5. The bonus event will be held within 3 working days after the end of the W88 center to distribute your youter wallet without water withdrawals. We will notify you by mail or telephone.
  6. Youter W88 offers discounts only apply to the entertainment game player, youter W88 has the right to cancel the membership membership or a discount at any time.
  7. Youter W88 general terms and rules apply to this offer.
Bonus structure (currency equivalent)
  • The first prize at the 1000
  • Two prize at the 500
  • Third-prize at 300
  • Fourth to 10 members can get the 100 bonus
  • Eleventh to 20 members can get the 50 bonus