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April 9, 2016 02:30Berlin Herta VS Hannover 96The two sides are expected to start:Berlin Herta:Jarstein, Hart, Ron Camp, platten, Weizel, Ruth ten Berg, stark, J Clay Bouyer De, Kalou, Ibievi, Qi mouth darida;Hannover 96:Zieler, Sakai Hiroki, Milosevic, Schultz, Hoffman, Schmiedebach, Herzog, Wu Hong, Beech, Qing Si Klarman, Suobiehe.

Youter western sports: Berlin Herta ball chupan -1.

2015\/16 season, the first round of the twenty-ninth round of the German Football League will be held in Berlin, Germany, the Berlin Olympic Stadium, where the Berlin Herta will be at home against the Hannover team 96. The home team won 4 wins and 2 losses in the last six games, the visiting team in the last six games 1 wins and 5 losses. Determined to win the Champions League qualifying team Berlin Herta in the last round of League fiasco, the usher in a losing streak and just fired coach 96 teams in Hannover, will use a victory to stay ahead of the Champions League competition.

This season Herta is the dark horse of Berlin third in the Premier League, Champions League qualification in the region. Berlin Herta home league games lost 0.7 goals, only after the league in Bayern less than second. Berlin Herta this season league shooting rate of 51%, ranking the league's top second. Nearly 3 round League home court victory, including a 2-0 victory over the Champions League rivals Schalk 04, a solid top 3 position. Berlin Herta League away than 0 5 defeat to the Champions League rivals Borussia, although ranked third, but the lead only 3 points, the remaining 6 league team will also face Bayern and Leverkusen rival, so against the Hannover 96 team must not be lost.

The road of Hannover 96 team in Saturday's Bundesliga home court 0 3 defeat in Hamburg, suffered five defeats in the league. Hannover 96 team after the opening immediately launched a strong attack but gradually in the passive position in the continuous mistakes, at the start of the second half soon consecutive missed scoring opportunities, the opponent was to seize the opportunity into the three ball, the final 0 home court 3 defeat in the opponent, after Hannover 96 coach Schaaf Club was fired, the team coach Stendel will U19 take charge of the team until the end of the season. This Friday Herta away to Berlin team, Hannover 96 new coach Stendel said the team must be on the court to maintain unity and efforts to implement the plan at the ball, the game will enhance the confidence with the outstanding performance of the team.

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