NBA tournament – Lakers VS Warriors

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In January 6, 2016 09:30VS WarriorsThe two sides are expected starting:Warrior:Curry, Thompson, rush, Green, boggarts.Lakers:Clarkson, Williams, Brown, Nancy, Hibbert.

Youter western sports: 11 points for the warriors ".

The NBA regular season, the top and bottom of dialogue between the western and the Lakers at Staples Center against defending champion warriors. The two teams this season regular season second games this season, the Lakers had been on the road warriors kuangtu 34 points, even the home court, the limited strength of the Lakers has not pulled one grasp.

The Lakers recently scored 3 game winning streak, and this is the absence of Kobe's achievements, the team performance is extraordinary, the past two battle not good defensive Lakers but to show the strong defensive team level, two anti opponent to take the battle, facing the sun, the Lakers opponents only had 77 points, the Lakers from rebounding to limit the opponent shooting is quite in place, the public will be on the offensive end can maintain a good sense of teamwork, the strength to face the alliance is the most powerful warrior leader of the Lakers canzhen seized on the combat capability of the test.

The warriors battle at home court in the Hornets, the team has achieved 3 game winning streak, the team should be affirmed, on the battle front de Raymond - Green once again scored 3 pairs of data, which is the third consecutive games scored 3 double, and backcourt curry and Klein - Thompson each scored 30 points, Harrison - Barnes has to go into battle, the team lineup is relatively neat, and a good team, the Lakers defeated the warriors under challenge, owners will can maintain the normal standard, the team away win is more than sufficient.

Youter W88 western sports reminder: recommend the Lakers 11 points wins the.