GPI platform MGS Macao Entertainment Expo – World Expo Asia


MGS World Expo asia. GPI platform exhibition is being carried out in Macao, Venice hotel in full swing, and the small group together to experience the atmosphere of the scene barGameplay Interactive (GPI) is a self-developed platform youter W88, with the industry's leading reality Entertainment City, 3D and slot machine games, happy color, sports betting, etc.. All products can be fully integrated into the online platform, mobile phone platform and server game terminal, so you can log on smoothly.

Beijing time on November 17, 2015 to 19 in Macao, Venice hotel is held entertainment show. The event attracted a large number of customers to play interactive experience.

Poker mahjong2015年11月澳门展会扑克麻将现场

"Poker mahjong" is a combination of Sichuan mahjong and Dezhou poker play games. Very China characteristic elements of mahjong and poker to let customers have be made one, more extreme gaming experience. GPI platform for the exhibition mainly in the game of poker mahjong.

Exhibition site a large number of customers come to consult and experience2015年11月澳门展会活动现场

The exhibition attracted a large number of customers to come to consult and experience the beginning, our girls are too busy to attend to all the platform.

All the beauty of the platform, suction eye dazzling2015年11月澳门展会美女站台

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