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Of the 96 contestants, only the top 16 players were able to win bonuses and success in order to win more prizes!

Rules and provisions:

GPI Chinese New Year finals (Saturday, February 21, 2016, first days)

  1. Championship rules
    • 1.1 GPI spring Finals: knockout (first days)
    • 1.2: how to participate to win free tickets at GPI or GPI in the final match.
    • 1.3 the number of participants: 96
    • 1.4 race type: sit down
    • Table 1.5: Table 6 sets each game player
    • 1.6 Championship starts on Saturday, February 21, 2016 at 20:00:00 PM (Beijing time)
  2. Competition rules
    • 2.1 players who are eligible to participate in this competition, with reference to the 3
    • 2.2 how to start:
      • 2.2.1 eligible players will receive a free ticket to participate in this competition, please click here to see how to use.
      • 2.2.2 please sign up for the tournament with the tickets you received, when the table contestants are full.
    • 2.3 GPI shall have the right to reject any application to participate in the competition and to replace the competition.
    • 2.4 the final registration time is 20:30:00 (Beijing time).
  3. How to participate:
    • 3.1 in the finals of the top 12 players will get a free ticket for the GPI New Year's finals in the playoffs (first days) ()
    • In 3.2 GPI Encore game ranked the top 4 game player will get a free ticket for GPI in spring Finals: knockout (first days)
  4. After the start of the game, not in the specified time to participate in the game players will lose eligibility.
  5. All awards are sponsored by GPI.
  6. Tournament list update information.
  7. The top 16 ranked game player will each receive 388 yuan (equivalent) and a free ticket for GPI Spring Festival Finals: single game.
  8. After the end of the game, the bonus will be added to your Dezhou mahjong wallet.
  9. Click here to find the common problems of Dezhou mahjong new year discount.
  10. Howard and W88 have the right to cancel all the game player or individual game player this offer at any time.
  11. Howard W88 and general terms and rules apply to this offer.